A Mother & Son Hottest Sex Stories

Most of our domestic society would find it absolutely disgusting and disturbing for one to see their mother naked and get turned on because of it, or any persons of close relations for that matter. About 95% (if not more) of the global population always lived under this tradition and agreed. One of the remaining 5%, was 19-year-old Maxwell Darby. Maxwell, since a very young age of five, always had a wild fascination of the hairiness of women’s crotches and after seeing his mother’s, he always had the dream of one day having intercourse with her, for at that young age he saw his mother in many states of undressed, including naked.

Maxwell was a virgin, and despite being a boy of nineteen, he still lived with his mother, Loretta Darby, in their fairly well-kept West Philadelphia home.

The woman of 36 had a heavyset BBW build with dark chocolate skin, jet black hair, dyed in a golden brown color, and she had a rounded chubby-cheeked face with a dark pimple scar on one cheek. Her chest was blessed with an eye-catching, humongous pair of 48GGs.

She had light brown eyes, round shiny plump lips, and a double chin. Loretta had wide arms, wide hips, a fat stomach, thick shapely thighs, and a big ample round butt that any man would die for.

“Maxwell’s father was a lucky man,” anyone would’ve thought. But his father lived out in New Jersey.

Loretta was in the kitchen that fall Saturday afternoon cleaning the dishes, dressed in a tight pink shirt, that one could easily see though. A denim jacket and a matching pair of tight blue jeans. As she contently cleaned each dish, she lightly hummed with that young-looking face of hers, breathing in the fresh fall air that breezed into the opened window before her.

Her son, Maxwell, walked into the kitchen and helped himself to a seat at the wooden round eating table where there had been uncleaned used dishes. She didn’t seem to care that he walked in as she focused on her dishwashing task.

Maxwell, using his teeth, scratched his fingernails as he stared in glee at his mother’s large bottom, fantasizing about how sexy it looked in tight jeans and about grabbing her two long twin mounds of large jiggling fat. He could even see that she was wearing pink panties, for the band was peeking above the back belt-lacking band, and a portion of her brown skin was exposed.

He always had fantasies about his mother, most of which, he masturbated to. Just when Loretta turned around, his eyes passionately followed to his mother’s large breasts as she went for the uncleaned dishes sitting on the table.

Just then, Maxwell noticed something about his mother. Something different, for the betterment of him. Her large breasts seemed to be just a bit larger than it always had been. Maxwell could even see the beautiful butterfly decorations of her well-filled bra, right underneath her pink shirt. Did her breasts get bigger? He was about to find out. Or was he?

“Mom can I ask you a personal question?” Maxwell inquired, as she turned back to the filled-sink.

“Sure, baby. What’s up?” she replied in her deep voice with glee as she turned to face her son.

“Did your chest get bigger?” the words blurted from the mouth of a brave Maxwell.

Loretta couldn’t say she didn’t expect such a personal question as he warned her. But it was definitely more than she bargained for.

“Excuse me?” she said to her embarrassment, wearing a look of confusion and confrontation.

“Did your breasts get bigger?” Maxwell had the guts to repeated himself, hovering his hands over his chest.

“Maxwell, that is a very inappropriate question to ask your mother.” she shot back in her low-pitched voice, firmly yet calm.

“I’m just curious.” he said. “How big are your breasts?”

She raised her rather thin eyebrow and returned to dishwashing as she stated dryly, “Forty-eight double g.”

Maxwell positively grinned. Her massive pillows were huge. Yet the bra size sounded so inviting, it would fail to surprise him if she wore a size larger than what she claimed.

“Don’t go askin’ women that question.” Loretta warned her son. “As a matter of fact, why don’t you get with women who are not your mother. Ain’t it girls at your school you think are cute?”

“Giovanna Summers.” Maxwell said the name to reply.

“Now do she got big titties?” became her next question.

“Yep!” he firmly said with glee.

“Boy, you got a lot to learn about women.” sighed Loretta with a bit shame.

Post that, Loretta finished the remaining dishes. Then she dried her hands and went into the living room to take her break.

Maxwell followed his mother into the living room. She took a seat on the table and he sat across from her at the very small coffee table. There, Maxwell picked up a thin paintbrush and began playing with it, getting devious ideas in his head. It was a brand new, unused paintbrush that he toyed with. He placed the paintbrush back on the table, and gave one good look at the erotic roundness of her colossal beach-ball-like breasts. Even staring made him quite fascinated.

“Mom, can I grab your titties?” asked Maxwell, deviously as his hand, in the form of a claw, advanced toward his mother’s chest.

Loretta sheepishly moved back and gave her son a firm, “No!”

“But mom… your titties are so big and juicy…” Maxwell erotically confessed.

“Maxwell, stop it!” she said shyly. But he didn’t.

She modestly covered up with her jean jacket as though she were naked. Loretta locked eyes with her son, giving him a shy expression as she crossed her arms over her bust, with that innocent look on her plump chubby face.

“Put your arms down, mom.” he slyly said, lowering his mom’s arms by lightly pulling away her wrists. His heart’s rate increased when he was up close with his mom’s big chest.

Giving in to her son’s desire, Loretta opened her denim jacket and would slightly thrust out her breasts. Her boobs looked so inviting and fascinating. Maxwell took the unused paintbrush and rubbed the bristles of the paintbrush around her nipple. Loretta began to develop an orgasm. Her nipples began pushing out through both layers of clothing.

Maxwell reached for his mom’s boobs. Just then, the palm of his hand met the soft skin of her other breast. He felt the warm softness beneath the fabric of her pink shirt and the bra. His heart immediately reacted to the sensation and his penis became erect. Maxwell gripped the softness, lightly squeezing and caressing her massive pillow. Loretta felt chills running down her spine as did her son as she felt her nipple erecting even more. She even giggled in a twinge of embarrassment as she felt her son groping her big breast.

Maxwell sneakily followed her upstairs to the bathroom. He kept his distance behind her as to not get detected. Just then, Loretta entered the bathroom and shut the door behind her, only so that the edge of the door met the arch. Her son moved faster.

Maxwell peeked into the thin space between the door and its arch. He tried so hard to see as much as he could without opening the door any further. All he could see was his mom pulling down her jeans, straining to get them down because they were so tight.

In the bathroom, Loretta swayed her big booty back and forth as she rolled down her panties to her knees. She then sat on the toilet seat to empty her bladder. Maxwell pressed his ear against the door softly as to not move it. He got really excited to hear the piss trickle out of his mom’s body and into the toilet bowl. After emptying her bladder, she stood, flushed, and pulled her panties all the way down.

Loretta seated herself on the edge of the tub, naked from the belly down. She wiggled her hand into the running water to check its temperature. She would then removed her jacket and shirt.

Maxwell, still peeking into the bathroom, looking at his mother via the mirror, could only see her arms and her clothes going up and toward the floor. Just the thought of seeing her bare breasts excited him, making his penis swell. Loretta had on a white cotton butterfly bra.

He got on his toes, giving himself a boost but that barely even helped as he could only see her head. The most Maxwell could see was her head and shoulders. Maxwell watched as she removed the white straps to her bra and hung the brassiere on a nearby rack.

Loretta’s big bare breasts were adorned with 3″ black areolas. They were slightly shaped as horizontal ovals with sagging wrinkling skin. Around each areola were smaller black dots that made the edges of her areolas resemble the sun’s atmosphere. In the center of each black areola was a plump nipple.

Loretta’s bare breasts heaved, lightly swinging as her baby-feeders lightly swung back and forth, just above her colossal thighs. Loretta stood and put on a tight transparent shower cap.

Maxwell’s heart banged in sexual excitement as he saw a bit of her black areolas through the mirror.

Maxwell’s mom stepped into the filled bathwater, laying in it with her head above the water. Loretta’s breasts floated above the comfortably chilling water as well, her nipples prominently protruding toward the ceiling. Her eyes were closed as she stayed there and relaxed.

Her legs were spread a bit and her crotch consisted of a triangle of black, curly, velvety, shiny, slightly ungroomed pubic hair, each strand of hair spaced apart from each other.

Maxwell stayed on his toes the whole time, but being that she was laying in the tub, he couldn’t see much of anything. He was lucky enough that she didn’t even bother to close the door all the way! Maxwell quietly scurried over to their home’s storage closet and grabbed for a small standing stool, one that was slightly out of shape with a poor paint job but Loretta refused to throw away.

Maxwell silently placed the stool on the floor and stood on it, on his toes again and held the arch. Maxwell’s pulse immediately increased as he passionately stared at his naked mother. The was a much better view as he could see her black circles of her breasts, her fat belly, and a bit of her triangle of pubic hair. He couldn’t see everything but he was lucky he could see what he was looking at.

Maxwell’s penis swelled to the hardness and thickness of a cucumber. He dropped his pants and unleashed his steel-hard penis and he started to jerk off to the sight. Just then, he remembered to stop while he was ahead so he wouldn’t ejaculate onto the door. Nevertheless, he still played with his erect penis.

Loretta remained in the tub for about another half-hour and got out. Maxwell returned the stool to the closet, still managing to keep the door dry. In the bathroom, Loretta grabbed for her thick white robe and tied its rope around the fat of her belly, under her braless breasts.

Maxwell acted busy, pretending he was looking for something in their closet. His eyes scanned his closet, and Loretta exited the bathroom. As she did, Maxwell’s eyes navigated right to her ample breasts.

The upper portion of her robe was wide open with her separated cleavage. A part of her black areola was peeking outside of her robe with those colossal melons. Not only that, the bottom part of her robe was opened as well as Maxwell could see a bit of the curly dark hair between her legs.

“She is SOOOOO hot!” thought Maxwell as he couldn’t help but to stare ahead.

“I like how my son stares at me like that” thought Loretta. “It makes me horny.”

But she knew it was improper for a son to see his mother in any form of undress.

Loretta separated her legs, opening them. She deviously separated the ends of her robe to flash Maxwell her hairy pussy and tucked the thick fabric in between her legs, tightening her legs together. Maxwell’s heart pulsated and chills went through his spine.

Loretta could see the tent developing inside the crotch of his pants as she continued into the bedroom that they both shared.

Loretta walked into her room, where she had a makeup station by her bed, and closed the door behind her, only so that the door hit the arch, and she went to lay down over the queen-sized mattress. When she laid down, her legs were separated and she untied her robe, white as snow, to expose her pantyless hairy vagina to the air, as well as her diamond-shaped navel that was surrounded by thunderbolt-like yellow stretch marks.

She still wore on her head, the water-resistant shower cap. From a pocket of her robe, she reached for her nail filer and began filing her nails, blowing away any of the leftover white powdery dirt.

Maxwell peeked in between the door, but unfortunately all he could see was her head, and the end of the bed. Much to his luck, there was a hidden peephole drilled into the next wall from the storage room next door, but even that was useless as it was only good for seeing straight ahead, where Loretta and the bed was not.

Maxwell moved to that location anyway, going into the storage room, moving all the office drawers and boxes from the way to look through the hole and wait.

Loretta finished scraping away at her nails and got up, removing herself from the bed. She walked toward her dresser, walking right past the direction of the unsuspected spy hole where her son spotted her. She always knew the hole was there due to the door knob but failed to be aware of the fact that he was using it as a peephole for perverted reasons.

Maxwell saw that her robe was untied and started to get excited, as he could only see just a bit of her black hair in between her legs. His penis started to swell. He could also see the bottoms of her bare breasts shaking back and forth in between her white robe.

Maxwell spied as he saw, through the hole, Loretta grab for a pair of blue silk panties from her drawer and she put them on with her legs spread. Her blue panties were tight around her big beefy pubic region and a bit shiny. The erection of his pants grew harder and harder.

Loretta grabbed for her strawberry-scented lotion and poured a portion of the cream into her hand palm. Then she began apply the lotion to her plump abdomen, rubbing in round circles. She had a diamond-shaped deep navel with a lot of stretch marks around it.

Maxwell’s eyes could not leave the sight as he started to masturbate to this. What did him in even more is when she slid her hands down her tight panties to apply some of the lotion to her crotch. Loretta went to lay back down. Maxwell could not see her though his peephole but he was mad horny as he masturbated and eventually shot his load of white liquid onto the wall.

Loretta was doing the same thing, masturbating, stroking her clitoris softly over the silk of her blue panties. She even started to moan loud for the longer she kept this up. Her legs seemed to have move themselves as she massaged her forefingers on her clit, over her blue panties. Eventually, she felt the warm thick liquid come out of her and settle in her blue silk panties, making a dark navy circle in the fabric.

Maxwell could hear her moaning in the other room. She must be having an orgasm. He couldn’t help but to walk into the room.

He saw his mother. She had her big legs opened, forming a diamond with the soles of her bare feet almost meeting. Her chubby hands rested on her inner thighs that featured wide dark spots on each thigh. Not only that, Loretta was still in her white robe, bra free, and in her blue panties, tight on her thick pussy, and on the crotch of her panties was a darker navy circle. As he just walked in on her Loretta was dead embarrassed. She gave her son an innocent look with her fat bottom lip slightly puckered. With that chubby, plump, face of hers, Loretta looked so innocent, so shy, and so young for a woman of 36.

“So mom, I see your pussy is wet,” he couldn’t help but to say to his mother.

Maxwell slowly approached his mom, and she locked her eyes onto his, more shy and nervous. His penis remained stiff and hard as a rock as he saw her plump nipples protruding through the thickness off her robe.

He climbed up onto the bed and straddled her thick legs, and he and his horny mom locked eyes for a good minute.

“Maxwell,” she said her son’s name in her deep voice. “I know you wanna see my titties so allow as I show them to you.”

Then, Maxwell eyed her chest very closely as she pulled apart her robe, flashing her son her large breasts that now separated themselves, falling down to the sides of her arms. Maxwell grabbed both tits, squeezing them and caressing each tit. Maxwell’s faces descended to meet Loretta’s and the mother and son shared a deep long tongue-to-tongue kiss. His cucumber-long and thick erection brushed against the fabric of his mom’s panties. As they kissed, Loretta felt both her extended nipples press against the skin of her son’s palm.

Maxwell was enjoying this, a bit more than Loretta was as she seemed to have gotten more than she bargained for. Loretta pressed her chubby hand against his flat and bony chest, pushing him back in the sitting position.

“Did you not enjoy that mom?” asked Maxwell, a bit concerned.

“No…” said mom as she got herself into a seating position over the edge of the bed. “I gotta go get dressed.”

“You going somewhere?”

“I have to work tonight.” she replied.

“Let me feel your titties.” Maxwell demanded, his hand reaching for his mother’s bare breasts.

Much to her shyness, she sheepishly tightened her arms against the outer sides of her large swollen breasts. Then his hands brushed horizontally over the soft warmness of her breast meat, lightly massaging her swollen nipples. Loretta released a moan. Her nipples were so hard that they start to hurt and her son’s penis mirrored the same action.

Maxwell softly groped the left breast, gently grabbing it as he stared at the width of her lovely black areolas. Her black areolas were so lovely. Loretta sighed again as she started to feel uncomfortable.

“That’s enough.” Loretta softly moaned. But the softness of her voice didn’t do much.

Maxwell wasn’t listening. He rubbed his hand over her large breasts, stroking each baby-feeder. “But mom…” he softly protested. “I wanna drink the milk outta your breasts.”

“No.” she said firmly and seriously as she yanked her son’s hand off her, getting off the bed afterward to get dressed and ready for work.

Loretta walked over to her dresser. She opened one of the drawers and grabbed for another pair of panties and her white pantyhose. Maxwell stared. She closed the drawer and went into her closet, now modest and not horny anymore. Shy and modest, Loretta pressed her big body into the corner of the closet, hiding her front. She turned back once more.

“Can you turn around or get out?” asked Loretta.

“Oh sure mom!” he lied, turning his back. But he and she both knew that Maxwell was going to turn back again.

Loretta turned back to getting undressed, slapping her clothes on the upper shelf of the closet. Maxwell turned back to look at his mother, watching as she pulled down her blue panties, bending over. It excited him as she bent back, sticker her massive fat bottom toward the direction of her son, wagging her butt back and forth as she rolled down her dirty panties. “WOW! Her butt is soooo big!” he thought. “SOOO hot!”

After she stepped out of them, Loretta discarded her panties onto the floor inside the closet and dropped her white robe to the floor.

Loretta’s bottom was long, gigantic, with a lot of cottage-cheese cellulite on her bottom and on the back of her thighs. Maxwell almost drooled as his jaw slowly fell. She was naked again. Loretta slipped on her new pair of panties, also blue but with white stripes going across with a blue band.

She would then grab and put on another copy of the bra she had on earlier, a white cotton bra with fabric-decorated butterflies adorned on both cups. She turned to her son who after catching the movement of her head, looked away.

“I know you was watchin'” said Loretta.

“Sorry, mom.” he apologized, a bit sarcastically. “But you just too hot to not look away.”

“Whatever.” Loretta rolled her eyes, then put on her tight nylon pantyhose.

Then she went for a dress, a pink one. It lacked sleeves and was decorated with flowers. Unlike the upper bust area, the bottom of the dress was very baggy, folded to resemble a wedding dress, only the bottom of the thing failed to cover her knees once she put the thing on. The dress’ neck portion was long and wide, tightly straining her large breasts and nicely displayed her 9″ juicy cleavage.

Maxwell quietly moved away to hide under table, at his mother’s makeup station right beside her bed. Loretta heard him moving but she did not say a thing as she took went to her makeup station to take her seat. Maxwell looked right up her dress, in between her legs. Loretta knew he was under the table, but she did not say anything.

Maxwell could not contain his irresistible desire to his mother’s round and beefy crotch. Moreover, her legs were opened wide. He could only imagine pushing the hardness of his penis into his mother’s big twat. He simply loved the curves of the blue stripes of her panties. They were visible, even through the thin white fabric of her pantyhose.

Maxwell’s penis grew firm and stiff to the sight. Her big pussy was so round, so fat, and so mesmerizing. He failed to contain the compulsion to glide his hand into her dress, and lightly felt the fabric of her pantyhose, touching her inner thigh as she was in the middle of putting on her makeup. She was startled by Maxwell’s touch to her thigh, near her private part.

“Stop. No.” she lightly moaned as she sheepishly tightened her legs.

“Mom, can I lick your pussy?” Maxwell deviously asked from under the table.

“Maxwell, that is so nasty!” she said to her disgust.

“You know you want me to.”

“No, I don’t!” she said defensively as she slid back. “Get from under the table, NOW!”

Maxwell did. He followed his mom’s order and went up to sit on the edge of her table. All he wanted was to slide his hard and long penis into her delicious pussy, but the boy was not disappointed at all. He also had her cleavage to gaze at. She slid back to the table and continued with her makeup.

“Why you keep doing this to me?” she asked sheepishly as she stared into the mirror at herself.

“I told you before mom,” said Maxwell. “You’re irresistible.”

“Oh… So then I see you have the tendency to stare at me… and my big gigantic breasts…” Loretta said dryly before placing her hands to her massive breasts. “I’m not a little girl, Maxwell. I have big titties and they move around uncontrollably. They try to fall out of everything that I wear and I get unwanted stares when I go out.”

“So I’m one of those unwanted stares?”

“Yes.” she said firmly as she now pounced her fingers into her cream, making her cleavage wobble again, right before applying it to your face.

“It’s the clothes you wear… It all you’re fault actually for being so sexy.”

“Oh really?” she said. He watched as her long and juicy cleavage wobbled as she pounced her hands into her makeup to apply to her chubby face. Both of her breasts would take turns jumping back and forth.

“Yeah… you know you want your titties fondled by me so don’t deny me anymore.”

Maxwell reached for her breasts. Loretta watched his hand approach her chest as she raised her arms, slightly sticking out her big chest. Maxwell’s hand groped the left breast of his mother. She was uncomfortable but she failed to protest as a smile did not show up on her face. After a soft grope, she rolled back again, telling her son, “I let you do that to me a few minutes ago because I was horny. Now I have to get ready to go to work.”

She then removed herself from the seat, her breasts making a slight wobble as she got up. Loretta got a thin brown coat with a hood, bordered with white and tan phony fur and put it on, zipping it up. Loretta went to give her son a kiss to the forehead and went off to drive to work, leaving Maxwell in the house.

That following night, Loretta returned home from work. Maxwell sat at the kitchen table, awaiting her arrival. She placed her purse on the sofa and walked into the kitchen where Maxwell was sitting.

Loretta unzipped her coat, opening it, and took a seat at the rounded table, right across from Maxwell, and her juicy bulging cleavage bounced wildly. Maxwell’s penis already began to swell as he immediately became excited, fascinated.

Her large breasts were like two round balloons that were tightly caged within her 48gg bra and her pink dress. The bottoms of her breasts sat nicely over the top of the table. Loretta gave a sly smile, looking at her son who could only sit there and stare, in love with his mother’s juicy breasts. Her breast-meat even flooded from the dress a bit.

She had gotten a bit horny after showing her son her cleavage and deviously smiled.

“Max,” Loretta said his name in her low-pitched. The two of them locked eyes. He also liked her sexy smile.

“You wanna have sex tonight?” asked Loretta, deviously. “My legs are opened.”

Then Maxwell ducked his head underneath the table to see that the thickness of his mother’s ample pantyhose-concealed legs were spread. He gotten even more fascinated after seeing the blue stripes of her panties that she wore earlier.

“Yes mom,” said Maxwell softly. “I wanna screw that pussy…”

Then Loretta stood from her seat and slowly walked out of the kitchen, on her way upstairs. Maxwell followed his mother upstairs to the bedroom. When she walked up the stairs, her large bottom would make light jostles, and Maxwell loved it.

When they made it to their bedroom, Loretta sat down on the edge of the bed. Maxwell grabbed the soft chair from the makeup station and sat close in front of Loretta.

Maxwell began by rubbing on her thick legs, feeling the warmness and fabric of her white pantyhose. The shy mom tightly closed her legs together and she turned away to the side a bit.

“Don’t be shy, mom,” said Maxwell sweetly. Then he placed his hands on his mother’s big knees, feeling the nylon fabric of her pantyhose, and he spread

open her legs, saying, “Open up your legs for me.”

With her legs opened, Maxwell moved forward and he pressed his erect penis into the crotch of her pantyhose, underneath the hanging fat of her stomach. Mom sighed in exhilaration as he pushed in an out for the next minute.

Loretta got on her knees and arms, her head pressed against the bedding and turned to the side, and she pumped her huge booty at her son for him to enjoy. Her rump was so long, huge, and round. It was Loretta’s verbal way of telling her son she was horny and wanted him to screw her.

It was a bottom to die for. Any man would kill to be in Maxwell’s place. It hung nicely over the heels of her feet. Her butt was so big that if you were positioned evenly right behind her, you were unable to see the rest of her body. Maxwell pulled up the bottom of Loretta’s dress over her back.

“My mom big booty look so fine in just her pantyhose!” he thought to himself. What he liked the most out of this was seeing her panties through her pantyhose and seeing the cellulite on her bottom. He began to caress the two twin mounds of fat, feeling the erotic softness and the fabric of her nylon.

Loretta was enjoying this just as much as her son! Maxwell grabbed for both side bands of his mother’s pantyhose and panties and he rolled her clothes down so they met her heals. Maxwell’s heart throbbed as his mother’s luscious, beautiful bottom was bare before him.

Maxwell dug into his pants for his long, hard, swollen cock and pushed the thing deep in between her booty cheeks. He then pushed his mother backward by the sides and she went back, with his penis in her butt that smashed his crotch.

From behind, Maxwell groped his mother’s large breasts with both hands. He softly squeezed the softness and Loretta started moaning as she could feel her nipples building beneath his touch.

Maxwell started to peel aside the straps of her dress down to her chubby arms. He would then push down the bust of her dress to her stomach to expose her white cotton butterfly bra.

“You like this, don’t you, mom?” Maxwell asked sternly.

“Oh yes,” Loretta hissed as she released a deep sigh of ecstasy. “Grope mah titties…”

Maxwell was doing just that. His hands felt the warmness of her breasts beneath the cotton of her bra. He felt her nipples erecting. Loretta released another deep loud sigh as she felt her son’s fingers grazing her nipples. Both of them were in total ecstasy.

Maxwell began to unsnap the five small clasps of the back of his mother’s bra. When the hooks were separated, Loretta was fast to pull the straps from her shoulders. She released the bra from her arms, allowing it to descended to her lap and free her massive breasts.

Her breasts heaved in front of her chest. Maxwell placed both hands over each nipple. The skin was so warm, soft, and delicate. Loretta took deep breaths, causing her breasts to heave as Maxwell softly and gently rubbed her black areolas.

Maxwell circled his fingers around Loretta’s extended nipples. Loretta moaned in delight. Her mouth was opened as she loved the way she felt her fingers rub around her areola. The sensation her son gave her struck her like a bolt of electricity and they both felt chills running up their spines. She felt the firmness of her son’s penis building inside her butt.

Finally, Maxwell poked his fingers into her extended nipples and listened to his mother moan lightly.

“Haaaaauuuuhhh!” mom moaned. “Mah nipples….”

This moment was so enticing. This felt like the wildest moment of both their lives. Maxwell couldn’t believe that his wildest fantasy was coming true…