Blonde Takes the Birch Rod

I keep having a repetitive, highly erotic BDSM corporal punishment dream regarding a very sexy peroxide bleached blonde mature tart (we all know the type, I have included a photograph of the imaginary offender involved in the dream in attachments, heavy dark eye mascara, ruby red lips, 50s style permed blonde hair, etc, etc) with a an absolutely gorgeous butt & 44-32-42 figure aged about 50 years old who is in prison during the fifties, who in the dream commits a serious offence of some kind and is then sentenced to corporal punishment which in those days entailed 18 strokes of the dreaded Birch rod to be administered hard across her bared buttocks whilst being restrained over the prison flogging bench.

In the dream I am this unfortunate tart taking & experiencing the terrible pain & humiliation received from the birch rod in front of all the Male & Female prison governess , but I am viewing the wicked evil punishment as if I am sat directly behind this cruel, sadistic event. So here we go, here’s my dream.


I am escorted by two male officers who take me towards the black leather punishment frame to be tightly restrained over it with leather straps to wrists behind my back which attach to the thick waist restraining strap, also straps to my ankles, calves, and one large strap round my waist rendering me fully secured to receive the birch rod flogging.

As I approach the wicked looking punishment bench I now see my tormentor, the man who is to spread the searing, burning, agonising fire of the rod, all 18 strokes to my bared butt, I notice a sly wry smile on his face,obviously a perverted sadist I muse, he is attired in only a posing pouch & also notice he shamelessly has a fierce 10″ erection forcing the fabric of the pouch upwards,he is stood to attention alongside the whipping frame with the 40″ birch rod in his right hand, he is a big powerful muscular man and I shudder at the looming fate to be administered to my bared buttocks from this brute of a man.

I am then positioned over the frame for the flogging by the two guards, my attire at this time is only a black nylon lace style Basque, wide suspender belt teamed with sheer black nylons, 3″ patent leather stiletto heeled shoes, and black lycra lace pants, that are shortly to be as always before a birching, lowered down to my knees to form an inverted vee over my thighs whilst I receive strokes from the rod.

My tormentor then proceeds to secure me to the frame, each restraining strap seems to be pulled as tight as he can making me cry out in protest as the leather straps seem to chafe into my flesh, a thick leather gag incorporating a hard bit to bite down on when the pain becomes intolerable is secured with straps to my neck, I am now totally & utterly helpless, I wait, which seems to be an eternity and then hear the dreaded order spoken so nonchalantly in a posh voice from the leading governess, “bare the Female prisoners buttocks & commence the flogging when you feel ready P.O. (Punishing officer), 18 strokes in all”.

I can now hear the rod, swishing, swooooooshing, he is taunting me by randomly manipulating the rod through the air sadistically making me wait for this dreadful ordeal, then a silence of maybe 2 minutes or so for some reason, maybe this sadistic punisher is savouring his victim, but then this barbarous, humiliating punishment commences, I feel the tips of his fingers inside my black lycra lace pants, the elastic then slowly stretched back & the total embarrassment of my pants being slowly peeled right down from my butt flesh & clit area to just above the rear of my knees, as he was baring my butt I heard him whisper to me quitely “you`re gonna have a taste of real fire across your butt today you prick teasing tart, you wont forget this birching I am gonna dish out today that is for sure you cheap blonde slut, very soon your gonna have an extra 36 angry red stripes across that big bared gorgeous butt!”

So now finally the whole area of my full buttocks & thighs are an area of bare flesh, I then blush crimson with the humiliating embarrassment of this comment from my punisher before I am to be flogged,the birching now proceeds, the nightmare punishment begins as the first cruel stroke cuts through the air like a hot knife through butter, hard, brutally hard & fast. The twin birch rod twigs of torment seem to whistle with a loud and crisp distinctive Sweeeeeeeeesh! as they race down hard & fast to my bare butt, and then the inevitable, wicked sound the rod makes… kerrrrrssshhhhhack! (that awful loud crack of the first cruel stroke will always haunt me) as they are abruptly halted in flight by my bare butt.

This first stroke seemed at first to have a numbing effect, unfortunately this was not prolonged because more or less immediately after the birch rod had made vicious contact with my butt the seared, ravaged nerve ends react & kick in and the blazing agony produced by the two rods shoots up to my brain like a streak of lightning and then back down to my protesting, fire ravaged butt making me screech a muffled high pitched unholy shriek into the gag and instinctively bite hard, so hard into the bit inside the gag that I nearly go through it, the pain(and the terrible humiliation of it all) is I can only say indescribable agony, burning excruciating pain that no woman or man should ever have to endure.

Stroke after excruciating burning barbaric stroke follows each one with a 10 second interval which prolonged my ordeal and my total humiliation from this sadistic brute, all through the flogging I am screaming, pitifully, uncontrollably into the gag praying to pass out due to the unbearable blazing agony across my bare buttocks, alas no such luck I`m afraid, my muffled pleas for mercy to halt these cruel proceedings all to no avail until all strokes had been administered, the last as brutally hard as the first with me twisting,turning within my restraining straps which chafe my flesh, instinctively attempting to gain relief from the inferno, the raging excruciating fire sweeping across my bare buttocks. Swoooosh!.Kerrrsssshack!.Swoooosh! Kerrrsssshack!Swoooosh!Kerrrsssshack! went the dreaded rod 18 times in all producing pain I honestly did not think could exist.

Finally in the end my buttocks were just a mass of angry red weals, thank God it was only a dream or should that be nightmare! It was no wonder that this cruel punishment was finally abolished in the Isle of Man, to subject even this big bared butt blonde slut to such pain & humiliation was inhuman. God it was some dream!